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Not Support How to make my contact link to my email.

started by dwaynelarson

4 hannes162
Not Resolved Update to WordPress 4.5

started by Freebit

2 hannes162
Not Resolved Past Events NOT SHOWING! PLEASE Help

started by s3

7 hannes162
Not Resolved RSS Feed for all new content

started by homoground

1 homoground
Not Resolved Size of Website Title and Menu

started by SarahSellers

1 SarahSellers
Not Resolved Don't Want Gallery and Album Images Clickable

started by km1126a

1 km1126a
Not Resolved Required resources PLEASE HELP

started by harriscj22

1 harriscj22
Not Resolved Remove Date from Videos

started by SarahSellers

1 SarahSellers
Not Resolved Left Column Content area not accepting HTML

started by jasonbass

1 jasonbass
Resolved Woocommerce Issues

started by johntylermusic

3 johntylermusic
Resolved Event List Page

started by EvantoUk

3 wintner
Not Support LinkedInSocial Icon

started by ArgenTinnion

2 JustineM
Resolved Main slides page doens't work on all devices and navigators

started by jdsmusic

2 jdsmusic
Resolved Slider Not Displaying

started by lizorama

6 bdesign9
Not Support Remove or hide Featured Image in Post view?

started by angvalley

10 edsato

started by flore21

1 flore21
Not Support Support for the Muse theme available here

started by iChaitanya

2 whoweez
Not Resolved Posts link not working

started by omjelva

1 omjelva
Not Support Let's support each other!

started by wintner

7 whoweez
Resolved Events all show as past

started by danielfishman

4 wintner
Not Support Remove Share Buttons On Post

started by FTRMELB

Not Resolved different background image

started by kelvintehkaiwen

1 kelvintehkaiwen
Resolved Slides not clickable

started by bayless

2 bayless
Not Resolved Proceed to Checkout Button Issue

started by michaelibrahim

1 michaelibrahim
Not Resolved Sign in button

started by michaelibrahim

1 michaelibrahim
Not Support Show thumbnail image for past events

started by FOJMainGuy

6 rigopex
Resolved New version still does not look good in Responsive mode on an iPhone

started by acmediaservices

8 hessismore
Not Resolved Past Events NOT SHOWING! PLEASE Help

started by tmizzone

11 wintner
Not Support Theme Options Not display and other Issues

started by publicwizard

1 publicwizard
Not Resolved Version 1.4 update question

started by wintner

5 wintner
Not Resolved Hide "by" in facebook posts.

started by benstacey

7 wintner
Not Resolved Change Hyperlink Default Color

started by KAMMsTheACE

2 wintner
Not Resolved Date Displays Wrong Year

started by Addiefied

2 wintner
Not Resolved Translate "Album"

started by jghjk

1 jghjk
Not Resolved Single Video not Displaying

started by publicwizard

1 publicwizard
Not Resolved How to customize background image for specific pages

started by dtouma

1 dtouma
Not Resolved Audio Player Customization

started by zumatheme

1 zumatheme
Not Resolved Help Displaying Albums in Alphabetical Order

started by dtouma

2 dtouma
Not Support adding a description lign for each audio track in album menu ?

started by nicolasszymanski

1 nicolasszymanski
Not Resolved Tags error

started by byaroa

1 byaroa
Resolved posts & blog pages

started by Makkesinus

3 lbertwell
Not Resolved HELP! Gallery only shows 1 entry. Homepage slider not working

started by francescalasarte

2 ccarbonell
Not Resolved Youtube videos not showing on pages

started by skewbs

12 strategics
Not Resolved contact form

started by MartinOgris

1 MartinOgris
Resolved Add link to slide caption

started by anitasimon

3 bigscreenNY
Not Resolved Why can i not post pictures?

started by knrfitness

2 symphorchestra
Not Support sidebar on post page

started by vitorsemc

1 vitorsemc
Not Support theme setting export/import

started by chacca_jojo

1 chacca_jojo
Not Resolved New Apple OS for mobile is causing Muse not to work – Please fix asap – big prob

started by acmediaservices

1 acmediaservices
Not Resolved Woocommerce won't activate – why?

started by Addiefied

2 ccarbonell

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