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Not Resolved problems in google Chrome

started by zmoerloos

1 zmoerloos
Not Resolved Woocommerce won't activate – why?

started by Addiefied

1 Addiefied
Not Resolved Youtube videos not showing on pages

started by skewbs

4 hudla
Not Resolved Old Post Title Showing in Homepage

started by bcmcbee

1 bcmcbee
Not Support Show thumbnail image for past events

started by FOJMainGuy

4 Servetus777
Not Resolved callouts not showing up.. tried everything

started by chadnellis

4 chadnellis
Not Resolved How do I mark a show as SOLD OUT

started by weareafj

2 jwaschow
Not Resolved Callouts issue

started by

2 jwaschow
Not Support New Google Maps URL Problems

started by Falkirk

5 jwaschow
Not Support How to update?

started by FOJMainGuy

5 jwaschow
Not Resolved Gallery Upload from Media Library

started by jwaschow

1 jwaschow
Not Support Ordering events

started by remicharreau

3 farisnaf
Not Resolved Past Events NOT SHOWING! PLEASE Help

started by s3

1 s3
Not Resolved Past Events NOT SHOWING! PLEASE Help

started by tmizzone

10 s3
Not Resolved Content not show

started by manda555

2 manda555
Not Support Хостинг для темы Muse

started by Nariman Duisekov

6 Georgy Poplavsky
Not Support hide featured image??

started by dchachlas

1 dchachlas
Not Resolved how can i hide page's title?

started by dchachlas

1 dchachlas
Not Resolved No answer to query

started by anirban5150

4 Georgy Poplavsky
Resolved New version still does not look good in Responsive mode on an iPhone

started by acmediaservices

7 SharpShooterMarketingGroup
Resolved Pavel. What time is 1.4.2 comming

started by StigAasen

1 StigAasen
Not Resolved album shortcode

started by jasonbass

1 jasonbass
Not Support NO MORE SUPPORT????

started by skewbs

1 skewbs
Not Support Categories not working

started by anirban5150

1 anirban5150
Not Resolved Slider has a black slide

started by striff

3 striff
Not Support Randomizing Slider Order Anyone???

started by randit

1 randit
Not Support Video page

started by fallen_a

1 fallen_a
Not Resolved The Slides/Slider is not being recognized on Home Page…?

started by sterlingwilliam

5 SpeedisToine
Not Resolved Qtranslate plugin blocks slides

started by 83kindy

1 83kindy
Not Resolved Change ALBUM Catagory URL Slug Link??

started by chistyle

1 chistyle

started by livedub

1 livedub
Not Support Change width minimum size to activate Mobile men

started by jyuza

7 jyuza
Not Resolved guestbook setup

started by webhostau

1 webhostau
Not Resolved white space bar in footer

started by webhostau

1 webhostau
Not Resolved Disappearing Text in Callouts

started by jcalderone

1 jcalderone
Not Support How to make my contact link to my email.

started by dwaynelarson

2 Jollie
Not Resolved Change image position in event pages

started by fredtavernier

1 fredtavernier
Not Resolved Setting up write-able directory folder

started by theindigenouslens

1 theindigenouslens
Not Support RoyalSlider not displaying when site is translated by transposh

started by chraisy

2 chraisy
Not Resolved Change H1 Fonts

started by randit

1 randit
Not Resolved Site broken with wordpress 3.9.1

started by bytatos

1 bytatos
Not Resolved WOOCOMMERCE CSS won't load on PRODUCT pages

started by kaydarens

1 kaydarens
Not Support SUPPORT PAGES WON'T LOAD – yahoo search error page instead!

started by sublime126

1 sublime126
Not Resolved Sort Events by Date or Location

started by weareafj

1 weareafj
Not Resolved Autoplay Audio in Homepage

started by Gritstone

3 Gritstone
Not Support Is there an RSS icon?

started by raemac

1 raemac
Not Support Does anybody know how to add an email opt-in form on the home page?

started by raemac

1 raemac
Not Resolved Callouts not appearing

started by aheawood

1 aheawood
Not Support Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty

started by electrowavez

16 jamroomfest
Not Resolved Contact Form Error

started by Hustlekidz

1 Hustlekidz

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