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Not Support Hide "by" in facebook posts.

started by benstacey

1 benstacey
Not Support Slide images questions

started by qonsolidated

3 mocksy
Not Resolved Images broken since 1.4.1 update

started by toomanyairmiles

1 toomanyairmiles
Not Resolved Album Category

started by martinho

1 martinho
Resolved WordPress 3.9 Compatibility Issues

started by johntylermusic

6 johntylermusic
Not Support Revolution slider in Muse ?

started by oobmak

1 oobmak
Resolved Slider Not Displaying

started by lizorama

3 canvasink2013
Not Support Trouble uploading media

started by auroraem

2 auroraem
Not Support Twitter no updating, social icons home page (mobile), display past events page

started by jonnysods

8 jonnysods
Not Support New Google Maps URL Problems

started by Falkirk

1 Falkirk
Not Support Remove Vinyl Record from Albums

started by auroraem

4 auroraem
Not Support Callout Hover

started by kelvintehkaiwen

4 davidgaliano
Not Resolved Muse WordPress Users – Let's create our own thread here to help each other out

started by acmediaservices

19 auroraem
Not Support Enable search with artist names

started by stefanogiungato

1 stefanogiungato
Not Support Demo Content is not being imported

started by Useless69

9 David
Not Support Is there a way to remove the Search Boxes from the Home Page?

started by lizorama

1 lizorama
Not Resolved Vimeo Embed Code Not Working

started by judiele

1 judiele

started by dcitystudios

2 dcitystudios
Not Support Only Able to Upload certain Tracks

started by KAMMsTheACE

3 tenentecartina
Not Support New Chrome browser rendering issue

started by tmizzone

20 iChaitanya
Resolved Resizing Images in Content?

started by tmizzone

4 anitasimon
Resolved center an image

started by anitasimon

9 anitasimon
Not Support Add "via @username" to Twitter Post Share button?

started by jonaymusic

2 blackbottomlighters
Resolved Video Not Loading

started by hammondryan

4 hammondryan

started by soulshakepower

1 soulshakepower
Not Resolved Blog homepage colors

started by uyengi

1 uyengi
Not Resolved Version 1.4 update question

started by wintner

4 wintner
Not Support Events disappear before the end date

started by mr-net

5 mr-net
Not Support Muse – Embed Video to normal Page?

started by VanTeifel

3 VanTeifel
Not Support Contact form for white background

started by JD

2 Pavel
Not Support When play button is pressed on homepage slider

started by khanman82

2 Pavel
Not Support How to make my contact link to my email.

started by dwaynelarson

5 Pavel
Not Support Serious problem

started by Tinniman

2 Pavel
Not Support Theme is slow to load

started by maconbibbtv

2 Pavel
Not Support Media uploads

started by hueyband

2 Pavel
Not Support WooCommerce not working

started by charliebicross

2 Pavel
Not Support Videos: Page Not Found

started by maconbibbtv

3 Pavel
Resolved 3 issues

started by Tinniman

5 Mgd2014
Not Support Logo Button and Navigation Menu on Mobile Device

started by dcitystudios

1 dcitystudios
Resolved Album page crashes Mobile web browser

started by OM

6 OM
Not Support Link Slider Image to Page?

started by wcs2

4 wcs2
Resolved background color not working under callout link

started by electrowavez

9 electrowavez
Not Support sample-content-pages.xml – Will not import?

started by JD

2 JD
Not Support Soundcloud miniplayer not showing in Muse

started by hudla

4 hudla
Not Support Social icons sprite

started by striff

1 striff
Not Support Lightbox not working anymore

started by striff

2 striff
Not Support Footer homepage

started by arto22

5 agenciamilk
Not Support Custom fileds on RSS

started by ronin72

10 ronin72
Not Support Remove WooCommerce log in/sign in buttons

started by joshcoen

7 blackbottomlighters
Not Support Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty

started by electrowavez

15 chiara18

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