Best Ways To Personalize Your Website

When we read an article, or post, we want to feel that human conection. The purpose of the post may be to give an opinion, present an argument, or even just to inform. Regardless of the purpose, as a reader we want to connect with the writer. The information is much easier to digest when we feel like it’s not written by a robot. With that in mind- here are 3 easy ways to personalize your site, to help you better connect with your audience.

Personalize Your Website
  • Add A Signature At The Bottom Of Your Posts

You would be surprised how this slight little addition can really affect your readers. It gives them an instant reminder that YOU are the author. You can also make it a small bio box, that includes a brief summary of who you are, and why you write about this subject. Makes all the difference in someone remembering to subscribe to your posts!

  •  Include Pictures Of Yourself Doing The Things You Are Discussing!

It sounds like common sense, but if you include shots of you doing the things you are talking about, you seem 100 percent more legit. For example if you are doing a review of a hair straightener brush, then add pictures of you using the thing! People will believe you are an expert on the matter if they see you’ve actually tried it! Are you writing about making a lasagna! Put step by step photos so people can follow along. Make sure the images are great and you’ve got a setup for success!

  • Encourage People To Comment By Ending An Article With A Question

If you want your reader to invest in you, you need to start a conversation with them! If you are writing about building a garden, as your readers to comment their favorite thing to grow. And when they do comment, REPLY TO IT! This engagement will help grow your readership and show you are a real person! Consider adding a comment box service like Disqus to make it easy for your readers.

Personalize Your Website

If you’ve got an other tips for ways you have personalized your site please send em our way! Thanks for reading!