Things You Should Definitely Add To Your Blog Page

Since WordPress has made it so easy to create an amazing user friendly blogging platform, new blogs are popping up left and right. So if you are new to the blogging game, how do you make your site look professional? Here are the top 3 things you should FOR SURE add to your blog to make it look legit!

Quick Links To Your Social Media Profiles

Make is as easy as possible for someone to find all your social media handles in one place! It sounds like a no brainer, but some new bloggers may think the person will just look them up independently. Not always the case, so do yourself a favor and make it easy peasy for your readers.

In your Logo header, or somewhere on the tool bar, add the social profile buttons for your instagram, pinterest, facebook, or whichever forms of social media your users are interacting with most often!

Add A Search Bar

Imaging this- I find your blog on pinterest, and click your link because I want to read an article you’ve written. Somehow the link was messed up and I just get sent to your homepade. This happens more than you may think with other bloggers linking and re sharing posts.

Instead of having me leave straight away because I didn’t find the article I was looking for, I could simply use the search bar to find it easily. That is one way to encourage users to stay on your sight, and get new eyes on articles you’ve already written. A great example of this is the site where they have the search bar front and center!

Make Your About Me Shine

It is often a really neglected part of your page. Sure maybe you added a cute photo and a little paragraph about yourself, but that may not be enough. Remember as much as you want people to come back to your page because they found your content helpful- they are also investing in YOU! Therefore, it is great to have a separate page, where you talk about your background, expertise, and reason for starting the blog. That way, if readers want to learn a little more about you, you have another chance to sell them on why they should keep reading your blog!

All these little changes are very easy to implement with some creativity and help from a WordPress plugin! Make these small changes and it will really help grow your audience, and keep em coming back for more!

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