How Important Is Your Logo Design?

Whenever you begin a new website, so much effort goes into choosing the name. You want something catchy, effective and brand-able. You want something that focuses on a certain keyword or product idea related to your site. So much effort goes into choosing the name, yet when it comes to designing the logo, we think the hard work is over.

The logo however can be just as an important feature of your site as the domain name itself. With a logo design you have the power to set the tone of the whole website. Check out our tips for logo design below.

Choose Bright, Easy To Read Colors

The color of your logo is one of the most important things. You’ll need to consider what the background colors will look like, and if you are using your logo on images frequently you’ll need to choose something that will look nice with other color schemes. Be careful of bright yellows and light purples which can be hard to read for older people. If your background is white and you have a florescent blue ¬†on your logo for example that may be harder to read than if the logo was against a black background. Choose a color that may fit the theme or the brand or your site, ¬†without being too distracting.

Create Mood With Font Type

Using certain fonts can change the mood of your site. A site with fancy decor may opt for a soft scripted font, while a kids game site may have a more playful block lettering. A good example of this I came across while looking for the best pomade. Since pomade is used often in vintage hairstyles, the logo at pomademen has a vintage script and sheen to it! Reminds you of the product itself without being made up of pomade tins!

Use Caution With Logo Images

Often logos will have some soft of small icon or image next to the brand name. We have seen this done successfully, however the idea everyone needs one is untrue. Often times they can bulk up your logo and distract visitors from the brand name. If you do choose an icon or small image make sure it is simple, uses fewer than two colors, and that it looks fluid with your logo itself. Some users even use a small image as the dot above the “i” in their names.

Whatever you choose to do with your logo-have fun, and be creative!

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