How Big Data Is Changing Our Daily Routines

Big data is one of those fun terms that gets thrown around a lot. While there’s a lot of speculation about what counts as big data, this is what we know for sure: In recent years, big data is easier for companies to come by, and impacts the products we use every day.

The goal of these data sets is to design products that make our lives easier. Here are some of the biggest ways big data is changing our daily routines.


Gone are the days of map quest. Today we have almost real time driving conditions in the blink of an eye. Apps like Waze don’t just record your driving patterns to help other users, they encourage users to do it themselves. Several features on the app allow you to report accidents, police, speed traps, and other helpful tips that keep drivers safe on the road ways. This community based GPS takes advantage of their large user base to give you the fastest route every time.


The entertainment industry has been revolutionized b a little thing called streaming services. One of the most popular internet streaming services Netflix, users their customers data to suggest other titles they may enjoy. Other systems make recommendations based on the amount of stars you give to the title, or you giving it a thumbs up. Netflix doesn’t wait for you to tell it what you like, it already knows. By seeing which titles you watched all the way through, and which ones you stopped before finishing, it can tell your patterns. It will begin to suggest other titles that users have enjoyed which have also watched the same titles that you have. Just one little way Netflix is making it even harder to fight the all day streaming binges.

Health and Fitness

Our New Years resolutions are thanking us for the addition of big data to our health and fitness routines. Thanks to wearable tech devices like the apple watch and fitbit smart scales, we are better able to keep up with our bodies needs. I even found out through this review of the HiMirror, that you can sync your smart scale to a smart mirror, and keep you updated on your goals as you get ready in the morning. While some may think that it’s over kill, looking at data related to your goals more often, helps you achieve them more quickly.

While we may think of big data as a way for companies to get all our information, but in reality, these little changes are also good for us. They help us get to work faster, find shows we enjoy, and keep us in good health. And you know what they say, Go Big Data or Go Home!

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