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Not Resolved Homepage Slider NOT working with WP 4.5

started by soulask

10 PatternStorm
Not Resolved Could we complaint to Themeforest ?

started by imanul

1 imanul
Not Resolved Slider JS iisue with WP4.5

started by ugurterzi

4 TP18
Not Resolved Image size of slideshow, featured image, and thumbnail

started by tekpal

1 tekpal
Not Support Need older version

started by erre112

1 erre112
Not Resolved change into our own language for all the default name of the menu

started by imanul

1 imanul
Not Resolved Gallery's Limitation

started by hjafari

1 hjafari
Not Resolved Hello What is the best way to update Linguini V1 to V2

started by williamwild

4 renxx
Not Resolved Multilanguage

started by bill100

1 bill100
Not Resolved FB icon disappear in mobile view

started by bill100

1 bill100
Not Support Why create a theme and not support it!

started by swhinnant

1 swhinnant
Not Resolved Setting up the Galley Page with photos from multiple Gallery Categories

started by jnae

2 jnae
Not Resolved Format Address and Phone in Left Header

started by Danibanks

3 morriss
Not Resolved Menu Items Page Gone!

started by neoranking

3 neoranking
Not Resolved Customize theme doesn't work!

started by HDettmann

4 HDettmann
Not Support Linguini Update

started by osinaldi

1 osinaldi
Not Resolved Updating theme did not go as expected

started by pmj

1 pmj
Not Resolved Woocoomerce file out to date

started by umbertogs

4 Danibanks
Not Support Callouts

started by antosangarci

1 antosangarci
Not Support How could i make the "validation-success" infomation show langer?

started by wangzhan

1 wangzhan
Not Support Support for the Linguini theme available here

started by iChaitanya

1 iChaitanya
Not Support Add Blog to Top Menu

started by outsource

1 outsource
Not Support Change the order of slides

started by HDettmann

1 HDettmann

started by Andy_79

1 Andy_79
Not Resolved Remove WooCommerce 'My Account/log in/Cart' Buttons

started by hickbomb

1 hickbomb
Not Support increasing width of menu bar

started by mikekaplan

2 Csmcc43
Not Resolved Change VAT to IVA

started by cacocorse

1 cacocorse
Not Resolved Events Calendar Pro Plugin Issue

started by castledesign

3 knot_theory
Not Support Site author shows as

started by interage

Resolved Community help – Sub categories not showing in main admin panel. Can't rearrange

started by IORI_CORP

Not Resolved Search Results Page Template

started by cmeller

1 cmeller
Not Support gift voucher

started by hickbomb

1 hickbomb
Not Support Round Table Plug in problem

started by FaysRestaurant

1 FaysRestaurant
Resolved qTranslate does not translate menus

started by pkellner

3 pkellner
Not Resolved Translate title in image detail – jQuery touchTouch

started by pkellner

1 pkellner
Not Resolved floating menu floats infront of menu items on iphone or android chrome

started by BonsaiAgency

Not Support Menu Sidebar

started by cmeller

1 cmeller
Not Resolved Reservation & Contact not working anymore

started by shaman75

7 koetjeownz
Not Resolved It's not working anymore

started by B_etta

1 B_etta
Not Resolved Theme stopped working correctly

started by AmbientStudio

1 AmbientStudio
Not Support Slider Revolution

started by kostov

1 kostov

started by kostov

1 kostov
Not Resolved Hide subpage-list in header

started by diddl

1 diddl
Not Support WordPress 4.0 – EXTREME HELP NEEDED

started by syamal

1 syamal
Not Resolved Template Spaces

started by fulltimecomunicacao

1 fulltimecomunicacao
Not Resolved Food Menu Frustration!!!

started by toshism

11 keith215th
Not Support Floating Category Menu option in the FOOD MENU

started by abe008

7 keith215th
Not Support WPML

started by rpichet

1 rpichet
Not Resolved WordPress 3.9

started by rpichet

3 rpichet
Not Resolved Reservation calendar format

started by sytedesign

6 boomshadow

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