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Not Support EASY way to change slider height?

started by case42

1 case42
Not Resolved Reservation & Contact not working anymore

started by shaman75

1 shaman75
Not Support Color Options

started by ncfan2030

1 ncfan2030
Not Resolved Reservation Form

started by semantica70

1 semantica70
Not Resolved Toolbar text color

started by yingfuli

1 yingfuli
Not Support Add clickable phone to header

started by daza84

3 daza84
Not Support Slider not appearing

started by steepdeep

2 Pavel
Not Support Crop Featured Images?

started by hinetsrl12

4 Pavel
Not Support Font colors settings

started by yingfuli

4 Pavel
Not Support Add a custom contact form

started by umbertogs

2 Pavel
Not Support Contacts + Reservation Forms Not Working

started by hobihuan

2 Pavel
Not Support Form submit button color

started by notobella

1 notobella
Not Support Mobile menu and button colors

started by notobella

1 notobella
Not Support Responsive images on mobile home page

started by notobella

1 notobella
Not Support Callouts and additional pages

started by notobella

1 notobella
Not Support Slider size and additional pages

started by notobella

1 notobella
Not Support Moving to another domian

started by pablobc

1 pablobc
Not Resolved Blog page and qTranslate issue

started by Arkant1

2 Arkant1
Not Resolved theme is missing the style.css stylesheet when downloaded

started by jdemoro

1 jdemoro
Not Support Thank you page

started by hinetsrl12

3 hinetsrl12
Not Resolved Photogalleries don't show up in custom menu

started by concept27

1 concept27
Not Resolved Slider added 3 blank slides

started by ckoehler

2 ckoehler
Not Resolved Hide WooCommerce Top Toolbar if Cart Empty

started by WestWardDigital

5 umbertogs
Not Resolved Upcoming Events are missing on Homepage?

started by takenbasix

6 umbertogs
Not Resolved Remove languages

started by AussieBattler

3 steepdeep
Not Support Menu and content disappears in Chrome

started by kazalting

9 johntylermusic

started by alepilanbr

4 Pavel
Not Support A simple image gallery: how can i do?

started by hinetsrl12

2 Pavel
Not Support Reservation calendar format

started by sytedesign

3 Pavel
Not Support Multi Day Events

started by rachelconn

4 Pavel
Not Support Recaptcha text

started by TP18

2 Pavel
Not Support Reservation customization

started by pablobc

2 Pavel
Resolved MENU and warning error in wp-include

started by semantica70

4 Pavel
Not Support Modify slider image size vertical mobile

started by yulises

1 yulises
Not Support Unable to upload images to Gallery

started by simontoyne

6 simontoyne
Resolved Reservation form not working

started by OrangeMediaNL

11 Pavel
Not Support Old Events on Home

started by MoesiOli

2 Pavel
Not Support how to update?

started by bhillsboyoz

2 Pavel
Not Support Showing video frame in blog post

started by mikekaplan

1 mikekaplan

started by koetjeownz

1 koetjeownz
Not Support Call out boxes alignment

started by yingfuli

7 yingfuli
Not Support wpml flag in main menu

started by mimikristudio

3 Pavel
Not Support Blog page separate from home page

started by roothousestudio

4 Pavel
Resolved Form on iphone to long

started by TP18

8 Pavel
Not Support Touch problem

started by yingfuli

3 yingfuli
Not Support Update

started by fastfreddie

2 Pavel
Not Support New Update help

started by bigvdub

3 Pavel
Not Support How to put music he don't stop when navigate into her page

started by olygoelements

2 Pavel
Resolved Callout Description content no more visible on admin WP

started by olygoelements

5 Pavel
Resolved Change font in header toolbar

started by CyberMama

2 Pavel

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