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started by shweiki7492

4 thibaultsauvey
Not Support Post in the Blog

started by yannicktchoum

1 yannicktchoum
Not Resolved Slides not working and Logo not changeable

started by MarcNikoleit

1 MarcNikoleit
Not Support Metric Logo Font in Demo?

started by kenhylind

1 kenhylind

started by Frisko

2 CreativeKingdom
Not Resolved Adjust the Slider Height in Metric

started by iJason

1 iJason
Not Support Adjusting slide height and captions in Metric

started by erickingsk

7 iJason
Not Support Twitter Widget Not Working

started by MotiveNation

10 bigscreenNY
Not Support Video and Slide Order

started by LoganRun

2 LoganRun
Not Support Site crashes on iPad!!!

started by Frisko

3 Frisko
Not Resolved Footer Not Showing on Default Page

started by cscomedyshow

1 cscomedyshow
Resolved Woocomerce error

started by koffy

2 koffy
Not Support Music Upload Not Working

started by mikographics

10 DisquesPasseport
Not Support Title pages

started by DisquesPasseport

3 DisquesPasseport
Not Resolved Changing page backgrounds

started by dgaband

5 dgaband
Not Resolved Events and Gallery

started by abraxasprodutora

1 abraxasprodutora
Not Support Setting "Featured Items" on Homepage For Shop

started by blackbottomlighters

1 blackbottomlighters
Not Resolved I have to refresh my page multiple times

started by ASC

Not Resolved Slug

started by Joloy

1 Joloy
Not Support Venue URL Problem, does not appear

started by Frisko

4 Frisko
Not Resolved Maximum Album song length

started by dougsegal

1 dougsegal
Not Support Change URL /event/ and /event-category/

started by pr

4 Joloy
Not Support Posts out-of-order on first row

started by verityweb

3 verityweb
Resolved Update 1.4.1

started by dougsegal

4 dougsegal
Resolved Update 1.4.1 issues

started by dougsegal

2 dougsegal
Not Support Check out The Backstage, Check the events, and New album released buttons?

started by westharbour

2 Pavel
Not Support Size slide

started by assojme

2 Pavel
Not Support Change URL for Albums Page and Past Events Page

started by djryangallagher

2 Pavel
Not Support shortcodes on blog page (metric)

started by mocksy

4 Pavel
Not Support Text Don't Show Homepage & Some Events Created Don't Show

started by joaopilar

3 joaopilar
Not Support Add video(s) to homepage

started by kaseybarrett

2 Pavel

started by MotiveNation

2 Pavel
Not Support Logo size on mobile

started by EmilyRansom

3 EmilyRansom
Not Support Event Description On Home Page

started by blackbottomlighters

3 blackbottomlighters
Not Support Wrong Featured Image on Facebook

started by MotiveNation

4 MotiveNation
Resolved YouTube and Vimeo Video Problem

started by tabrisdei

5 Pavel
Not Support The slide always takes the original images and not the modified

started by chiara18

2 Pavel
Not Support Remove dates from 'Galleries' and 'Albums'

started by Dirma

6 Pavel
Not Support double name in tab browser e page blog, qtraslate

started by forzasila

2 Pavel

started by sonnyminder

2 Pavel
Not Support Revolution Sliders

started by djtrackbrasil

3 Pavel
Not Support Events page not working correctly

started by ASC

2 Pavel
Resolved YouTube and Vimeo Video Problem

started by tabrisdei

2 Pavel
Not Support Theme acting bizarrely

started by elio2

2 Pavel
Not Support post data

started by mgaol

2 Pavel
Not Support Callouts: remove background colour/overlay

started by campsounds

2 Pavel
Not Support Authorization Code Revolution Slider

started by LoganRun

3 Pavel
Not Support Website Falling Apart

started by artistsensey

3 Pavel
Resolved How do i get rid of your business name?

started by shweiki7492

8 shweiki7492
Resolved listed as site author

started by gplurn

3 gplurn

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