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Not Support Twitter Widget Not Working

started by MotiveNation

14 homoground
Not Resolved slide doesn't stop while video is playing

started by verityweb

1 verityweb
Not Support Support for the Metric theme available here

started by iChaitanya

1 iChaitanya
Not Resolved Remove Grandpixels Metas / OG Tags

started by Marshall1980

2 Marshall1980
Not Support Inserting logo in footer

started by DisquesPasseport

1 DisquesPasseport
Not Resolved Logo getting cut off on retina displays and iPhone.

started by balero98

4 balero98
Not Resolved Order Events by Descending Date Automatically in Events Admin Section

started by jessedeedy

1 jessedeedy
Not Resolved How to open individual images using lightbox Built on the Metric Theme??

started by Rojjao

2 Rojjao
Not Support cuts off on apple products

started by MotiveNation

1 MotiveNation
Not Support mobile not working properly

started by MotiveNation

1 MotiveNation
Not Support Date Format

started by fogomanagement

Not Resolved Fatal error:

started by support_mondotunes

2 gjuddy
Not Resolved Paginate Single Events based on Event date not Publish Date

started by jessedeedy

1 jessedeedy
Not Resolved Time Format 2

started by consolesm

2 consolesm
Not Resolved 'I have a problem with the articles and episodes not lining up properly on my we

started by nonstopwebsites

1 nonstopwebsites
Not Support Past Events Not Showing

started by gibson5921

1 gibson5921
Not Resolved Social Links Hacked

started by vancameron

1 vancameron
Not Resolved Fonts.

started by battlewr

2 battlewr
Not Support More than 4 upcoming events

started by

Not Support Disable Responsive??

started by RevConcept

1 RevConcept
Not Resolved Social Icons not showing in Chrome

started by kinnaj

1 kinnaj
Resolved Slider resolution

started by kinnaj

1 kinnaj

started by shweiki7492

5 Metatronehf
Resolved Alphabetical Order of Albums

started by abraxasprodutora

3 Metatronehf
Not Resolved Change top navigation bar color

started by EllenAndrews

3 jungster
Not Resolved background image

started by CallistoDesign

2 Donmorello
Not Resolved Image quality in shop

started by spearweb

1 spearweb
Not Support Removing white space/padding on Homepage

started by melskell

4 benmaughan
Not Resolved Pages won't delete from menu bar

started by fmmedia1

1 fmmedia1
Resolved Metric Child Theme Social Icons Not Appearing

started by melskell

3 Allsocold

started by Allsocold

1 Allsocold
Not Resolved Gallery categories widget is showing categories from both langauge

started by bonsitemor

1 bonsitemor
Not Support Change URL for Albums Page and Past Events Page

started by djryangallagher

3 zaxglavor
Not Support Logo size on mobile

started by EmilyRansom

6 fmmedia1
Not Resolved I see you have not support on a couple of posts that seem like support

started by fmmedia1

1 fmmedia1
Resolved Change slider size

started by theneptune

3 theneptune
Resolved Reordering Album Categories

started by melskell

2 melskell
Not Support Is there any "Support" here?

started by bmckinney

1 bmckinney
Not Resolved Events not showing on Events page

started by Deacon59

2 bmckinney
Not Resolved Music section

started by b.justi

1 b.justi
Not Resolved # of Gallery Posts

started by piktureperfect

1 piktureperfect
Not Resolved Footer Not Showing on Default Page

started by cscomedyshow

2 nanoghost
Not Support EVENT BUG

started by COMNOU

Not Support Change Button colour on Player and Share Buttons

started by Coleford

1 Coleford
Not Resolved Can I have two or three 'Events' pages??

started by polifactory

1 polifactory
Resolved Need 4 second album library

started by chris1986

3 polifactory
Not Support How do you disable comments on blog posts?

started by magicjoel

1 magicjoel
Not Support Venue URL Problem, does not appear

started by Frisko

Not Resolved Menu on iPhone Displaying Wrong

started by webcentre

4 webcentre
Resolved grid events by date does not work

started by EllasDesign

2 verityweb

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